1-Open-GPM web submission for 3rd parties

Users of other print quality management applications can now purchase an OpenGPM subscription license to upload measurement files to a brand owner’s pressSIGN GPM datacenter server via a web portal, without having the added expense or duplication of purchasing a pressSIGN subscription.

1-面向第三方的 Open-GPM 网络提交

其他印刷质量管理应用程序的用户现在可以购买 Open-GPM 订阅许可证,通过门户网站将测量文件上传到品牌所有者的 pressSIGN GPM 数据中心服务器,而无需增加费用或重复购买订阅 pressSIGN。

2-Chromatic Adaptation

Define Press Targets with different illuminants (D50, D65) or observer angles (2º or 10º) and convert from one to another, which is especially helpful when printing jobs in a mixed materials campaign on paper, board, vinyl, PET and fabrics etc.


使用不同的光源(D50、D65)或观察角度(2° 或 10°)定义印刷目标,并从一种光源视角转换为另一种光源视角,这在纸张、纸板、硫酸纸、PET 和织物等混合材料印刷作业时特别有用。(这里涉及到光谱重构,从单一光源视角重构光谱数据,进而换算其他的条件的数据。)

3-Inter-Instrument Agreement

Measure a printed strip with a control device and compare with others. Adjusts the measured data of other devices to match the control for consistency across different devices used within your factory or group of companies.



4-Create jobs manually from JDF

All users (not just Pro in AutoMode) can now save time when creating jobs manually by importing from a JDF file. Simply point the new Import tab in the New Job window to your JDF folder and select the job from the list. The job configuration will then be read from the file and used to pre-select settings in the default Custom tab of the New Job window.

4-从 JDF 手动创建作业

现在,所有用户(不仅仅是自动模式下的专业版用户)都可以通过从 JDF 文件导入来手动创建作业,从而节省时间。只需将“新建作业”窗口中的新“导入”选项卡指向 JDF 文件夹,然后从列表中选择作业即可。然后将从文件中读取作业配置,并用于在“新建作业”窗口的默认“自定义”选项卡中预先选择设置。

5-Updated Ink Corrections View

For measurements captured using either a “Standard” or Pro client you can now choose to show the ink corrections in three ways: the measured colour with a percentage or density change (default), In or Out of tolerance (like in Digital) or using the traffic light colour of the score giving an easier at-a-glance assessment of any changes required from a greater distance.



6-Estimates window gets 3D view

See your solid ink colour change hue throughout the density range and see how the estimated target density is calculated from the projected trajectory, all in glorious 3D.

6-带3D 视图的预估窗口

查看实地油墨颜色在整个密度范围内的色调变化,并查看如何根据投影轨迹计算预估的目标密度,所有这些都以绚丽的 3D 形式呈现!

7-Updated ECG Support

The target Lab values of the gamut extending inks are now shown inside a Press Target after creation from an ECG ICC profile, score them as process inks and create strips with them overprinting.


从 ECG ICC 配置文件导入后,扩展色域油墨的目标 Lab 值现在显示在印刷目标内,将它们作为印刷油墨进行评分,并创建带有叠印的色带。

After an ECG target has been selected within a new job the scoring will now show as a single score and not split between CMYK and Spots.

在新作业中选择 ECG 目标后,评分现在将显示为单个分数,而不是在 CMYK 和 Spots 之间划分。

8-Create strips with up to 7 inks

When creating an ECG control strip you can add solids, tints and overprints using all channels by manually entering the desired values.

8-使用最多 7 种油墨创建色带

创建 ECG 控制条时,您可以通过手动输入所需值来使用所有通道添加实地、网点色块和叠印。

9-Get a closer look at your SoftProof

Make your SoftProof bigger by hiding the header and footer menus, or zoom and drag into any area to get a better view.





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